Message Writing: Class 6 to 8 (Sample and Practice Exercises)

Updated: Dec 25, 2020


  • A message is a short composition

  • It should be brief(within 50 words) and to the point

  • The date and time should always be mentioned

  • Only a brief salutation should be given e.g. Sir/Madam/Dad/Mom etc.

  • It should be placed in a box

  • The sender's name should be put at the end



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Sender's name


Question- You received a telephone call from your mother's office when she was not at home. You have the following conversation with the speaker. You have to go for your tuition class so you leave a message for your mother. Write the message in not more than 50 words using the information given below.

Ankush: Hello!

Naresh: Hello! May I speak to Mrs. Dixit please? I am Naresh Rastogi from the office.

Ankush: Mom is not at home right now. Naresh: In that case, can you give her a message? It is urgent. Please tell her that the meeting fixed for tomorrow has been rescheduled. Ask her to check her mail as soon as possible for the details. Please don't forget to inform her.

Ankush: Don't worry. I will inform her as soon as she returns.



26 April 20XX

3:00 p.m.


Naresh Rastogi from your office called up to inform that the meeting fixed for tomorrow has now been rescheduled. Please check your mail as soon as possible for further details. I am leaving for my yoga classes. I will be back only after 6:00 p.m. as after that I have to go to Yogesh's house for completing my assignment.



Q1. Your friend could not attend school today due to illness. He/She had asked you to note the homework for him/her. Write the details of the homework you got today in the form of a message for your friend in around 50 words.

Q2. Read the following notes from the notepad of Shri S.S. Verma, the Director, Children's Academy, Pune. He asks his personal secretary to draft a message for K.Saxena, the Deputy Director of the school. Read the notes and draft the message in 50 words.

  • Request attend an urgent meeting

  • Venue- Library, Time- 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.

  • Agenda- Planning for Children's Day celebration.

  • Inform-All class teachers should attend the meeting.

Q3. Aisha called Rushita, her friend to inform her that the school will remain closed tomorrow due to heavy rains and waterlogging. Since she was not at home, her mother Rita answered. As Mrs Rita was going ou immediately afterwards, she left a message for Rushita. Write the message not exceeding 50 words.

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