13 Corona Neologisms: It's a Pundemic!

Updated: May 12, 2020

The state of the coronavirus pandemic is evolving rapidly. Information and reports regarding the epidemic may be daunting, not least the often new, complicated words used to characterize the outbreak.

So, here are thirteen slang neologisms inspired by Covid-19 to help you out:

1. Coronadose

Overdosing on bad news.

2. Panicdemic

The consequences of coronadosing

3. Gen-C

The generation born during the time of Covid-19

4. Quarantime

The (slow and unpredictable) passage of time in isolation

5. BC/AC

The new epochs of the 21st century: Before Corona and After Corona

6. Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder

When every cough concerns

7. Coronaroamers

selfish knobheads flouting isolation rules as they think the rules don't apply to them. Aka covidiots

8. Quarantoning

The activity that takes the guilt from comfort-eating and Netflixing.

9. Caremongering

Spreading kindness and love to help the lonely, anxious and vulnerable.

10. Cove-Dwellers

Those who are hunkering down until the storm passes.

11. Isobeard

When you're in isolation due to coronavirus and can't be bothered shaving anymore

12. Covid-22

Pandemic-related dilemmas, e.g. balancing the need for fresh air with the risk of leaving your house.

13. Zoombombing

The unwanted intrusion into a video conference call by an individual, causing disruption

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